The most bare-bones syntax for listening to event on an element is target.addEventListener('event', callback, false). But that is too much to type everytime you want to add an event listener.

Why not make a helper function for it? Here it is:

        * Run the addEventListener method on specified target
        * (c) 2019 K16E, Inc., MIT License,
        * ----
        * @param    {Node}      target  The HTML node/element to call the event on
        * @param    {String}    event   The event type to listen for
        * @param    {callback}  cb      The function to callback on when the event is heard
        * @return   {method}            The event listener method itself

    // As function declaration
    function listen(target, event, cb, bubble) { return target.addEventListener(event, cb, bubble); }

    // As function expression with implicit return
    const listen = (target, event, cb, bubble) => target.addEventListener(event, cb, bubble);

Depending whether you prefer function expression or declaration, all you need do is to place either snippet of code at the top or bottom or somewhere (globally available to the rest of your code) and then use the shorthand listen with the params.