So, this is not a post to explain something about YAML. This is a question about something weird whether with YAML or Gridsome, for which I need help. If you know a way out, kindly post in the comment. If I find a way out, I'll do the same.

Meantime, if I don't get a way out, then I'll be conscious of having to format all data values for this variable type in the same case type.

Same case type?

How do you explain when I have like so... in my gridsome.config.js

        // ...
        options: {
            // ...
            refs: {
                // ...
                tags: {
                    typeName: 'Tag',
                    route: '/tag/:id',
                    create: true


where, focus more on the URL or route pattern for individual tag type, right.

Then in two separate posts I have:

Post 1's frontmatter:

       - vue

and in

Post 2's frontmatter:

       - Vue

From my totalCount value for this Vue tag, which is 1, not 2, these tags vue and Vue aren't the same!

How do you explain that to a non-coder editor?

I expected that the casing would be normalized, like "all lowercased" before/while rendering, so that those that match will become one of the same type. I mean, I like to imagine that an editor who isn't a coder should be able to type "Vue" instead of "vue" or "Javascript" instead of "JavaScript" without having to look at the previous posts to spell them consistently. Then any post matching a same type would be listed accordingly.

I was surprised that while I got 2 posts (so far) filed under the tag of "vue", only one is output, because case difference.

Case mismatch tag in yaml

So, the question is?

How do you ensure that YAML or Gridsome or is it Vue lowercase certain values, especially when they can be tagged to somethings and become URL params? If anyone has an answer, kindly leave in the comment. Like I announced earlier, if I get a solution, I'll also share.

Meantime, I'm going ahead and "hard-typing" it to all lowercase so that all the posts for it would show and count toward as should.