Incidentally, an interface engineer, in the software engineering world, also goes by several other designations, including "frontend developer", "frontend engineer", "UI engineer" or "UI developer".

These designations tend to vary by employer (company), industry, and personal preference.


1. Gridsome (Vue)

This is my tool of choice to engineer web applications. With Gridsome I can pull data from anywhere (in varied formats) (WordPress, Airtable, Markdown, YAML, CSV, JSON, etc) into templates written in Vue to produce pre-rendered HTML (static files), which themselves are a rich, interactive application.

2. Web Fundamentals

Mastery of fundamental web technologies such as HTML (for structure), CSS (for presentation) and JavaScript (for interactivity) empowers me to build stunning and usable and delightful web and native experiences.

3. Design Theory

By raw talent, natural evolution, study, and practice, I'm steeped in design - the practice of visual, auditory, and tactile communication. At my grasp are such core, unchanging, and universally applicable concepts and principles as space, composition, proportion, alignment, scale, contrast, color (or absence thereof), pattern, texture, emphasis, hierarchy, balance, rhythm, and unity.

4. User Experience Design (UXD)

From a near insatiable knack for satisfying users of technology, I've also specialized in this impossible to define practice of user experience design (or UXD). From when a product is conceived to its being felt by its users, UXD addresses everything that might affect that feeling - the experience.


For 8+ years, I have worked as freelance web designer and developer, been hired on full-time contract as such, grown in a company to Manager of UXD of a team of 12, tutored classes in design eye, theory, and application, spoken at events and conferences on design, and founded a company focused solely on product design - K16E, Inc..


I've been privileged to work with clients and partners in the food delivery, restaurant, hotels & hospitality, government, financial technology, and education spaces. For confidentiality, I shouldn't publish those.


I can be reached by email at; phone at (0814) 539-0-539.