What is K16E? Why do we exist? Who do we serve?

  • What's K16E?

    We're Internet-first product design company. We design super-fast, secure, scalable, accessible, findable, usable and useful websites, apps, and SaaS.

  • Why K16E?

    We exist to re-place what avant-garde technology often misses, short-shrifts, or misplaces - design. We're super-focused on design, above all else.

  • Who do we serve?

    We work mostly with lean and innovative startups and select established companies needing something super-specific for which they may lack capacity or competency.

Design: Problem fixed.

What problem do we solve?

Take a startup for example. A founder has an idea, is a great hacker, and shoots off to engineering a solution.

Do they know about design thinking? branding? product strategy? persuasive copywriting? product design? software accessibility? semantic HTML? micro-interactions? SEO? content marketing? site performance? This list can go on. Answer is, usually, not.

And the thing is, they ought to care about engineering the solution, right? They got to solve a problem! Right. So, it's not really their fault that design is missed, short-shrifted, or misplaced. They got no or too little bandwidth for it.

That's where K16E comes in. We take that solution, apply deliberate design to it, and return a product people love on. Yes, we always deliver truly lovable apps!

Services: Super-specific.

What might you hire us to do?

  • Product Strategy

    What should you build? Why should you build it? Why not? What'd you build or are building? What is your product? What is its niche? How do you position it in that niche? What're your goals for this product? What's success look like?

  • Brand Design

    How should people perceive your product or service? What is its personality? Wait, what is its name? Is its personality palpable, you know, touchy-feely? Can it be loved on? Can it be so good it becomes its own marketing?

  • Content Design

    How persuasively are you selling your product with words (written and/or spoken) and visuals? How do your words and visuals look together on a page? How well do these creatives elevate your product and cement your brand on people's mind?

  • Product Design

    How should people experience your product and feel you? Shouldn't they rave about you? How thorough should you demand research into your users? How intuitive and functional is your product? How well does it reflect your brand?

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